About Giggles

A Labor of Love

Our HistoryThe Birth of a Brand… 

When Giggles founder and CEO Fadia Abu Hussein, a young working mother with a career in fashion, first established her children’s clothing business in 2004, it was no coincidence that the birth of her brand took place shortly after the birth of her first child.


Becoming a mother was her inspiration. It was a her love for children and even more so her newfound appreciation for mothers and their relentless desire to provide the best for their children that led her to launch a unique line of locally designed and manufactured children’s wear.


From day one Giggles, a name that evokes the warmth and happiness of a child’s laughter, introduced the Egyptian market to a European design aesthetic with an Egyptian twist which at the time was either unavailable locally, or out of reach for millions of consumers who could not afford to pay for expensive imports.


Today Giggles is a highly-recognized children’s wear brand with 8 independent retail branches in Cairo, Alexandria, Assuit, Shebin Al Kom, ARFA mall , Suez  and Benisuef, and we distribute to an additional 25-30 department stores across the country. We are extremely proud of our broad reach and our ability to provide quality products to a market that is not Cairo-centric.


Our team of designers, pattern-makers and quality control managers draw inspiration from global fashion labels and create collections that directly address the needs and tastes of their target market. We then proceed to source the the highest quality Egyptian fabrics and accessories and outsource production to an average of 11 Egyptian factories some of whom have been our trusted suppliers for more than a decade. These longstanding relationships have allowed us to scale and grow our business while also creating value and introducing international quality guidelines for the industry as a whole.


This 15-year journey wasn’t easy. It required passion, perseverance and most of all a belief that we are essentially creating a product that makes people happy for what can make a mother happier than presenting her child in the best possible light. This is the mission that we are committed to and it is what brings us pride and satisfaction with each and every collection that we launch. We dedicate our success to the phenomenal supermoms who have supported the growth of our brand and we remain true to the children who have given them the superpowers to do what they do.


Our Milestones


2004-2005—Launch of First Collection. 

2010—Launch of First Collection for Juniors. 

2016—Opening of First Giggles Branded Retail Outlet in Heliopolis. 

2017—Opening of Most Recent Retail Outlet in Shebin Al Kom Bringing the Total Number of Shops up to 8.

2018—Beginning of Participation in EBRD Consultancy Program for Female Entrepreneurs.


  • Giggles launched with a 20,000 piece collection and 7 employees in 2004.
  • Today Giggles has grown its production capacity more than 5 times and directly employs 48 staff members.
  • Giggles began distributing to five department stores in 2004-2005.
  • Today Giggles clothing can be found in more than 25 stores in 9 governorates nationwide.
  • Giggles began manufacturing in five factories in 2004.
  • Today Giggles outsources production to a network of 11 trusted factories.
  • Giggles opened its first independently-owned retail outlet in 2016.
  • Today Giggles has six retail outlets all of which were opened within a year and a half from the launch of the first store.
  • Giggles is proud of its broad reach to consumers across the country with a distribution split of 38% in Cairo and 62% to other governorates.
  • Giggles caters to three different categories: Infants from 3 months to 2 Years, children from 2 years-8 years, and juniors from 9 years to 16 years.